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Level 4 students
Level 4 students
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 Hear from our current students:            

                    “My name is KaBaw.  I’m a mother of 3 children.  I have been in Denver about 9 years, and I work at a daycare center.

I lived in Burma until I was a teenager, and moved to Thai-Burma to live there for a while.  I came to the USA through the UN Refugee Agency.  

I was so excited to resettle in a new country to start my new life.  The first thing that came to me, though, was to find a job to support my family.  Second, I needed to learn English if I had the chance.  I took some ESL classes, but not enough.  I did get a good job, finally.

Personally, I like spring the most of the four seasons.  I love to see the different colors and kinds of flowers.  They are so beautiful.

I like listening to varied music, and dancing for fun.

In the past nine years, I spent a lot of time working, and taking care of my children. I was too busy to think of my own future.  But now, my children are getting older and I can have some time for myself.  So I started to think about how to improve my English first, and then achieve some certification to earn more money.  So I started to Google about ESL classes, and finally I found the English Learning Center.  I read the information several times to make sure of everything. 

I chose the ELC because the classes are flexible and suitable, there are enough experienced teachers, and it’s a fun place to improve my English. The ELC is good for all people who are so busy, especially with children.  I love my class.


                                                                              – KaBaw, current level 5 student


At English Learning Center, we:

  • welcome all adults who want to learn English
  • provide a friendly and welcoming environment
  • provide five levels of instruction from beginning to advanced
  • have taught students from more than 50 different countries
  • provide a social environment where students interact closely with teachers and with other students
  • provide a break time where students enjoy refreshments and have an opportunity to meet new students and talk to the teachers.

To celebrate the completion of each session, we organize a party where students can share food and drink. These parties often include singing, dancing and other entertainment activities.